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    Obtaining some kimono knowledge would be one of the best introductory ways to be acquainted with Japanese culture!

   Kimono clothing culture has a long history from around the Second Century and it contains much of concentrated Japanese wisdom. We provide sessions on the history of kimono, how they are made, and the manners in kimono clothing.

    Our kimono lectures are designed for library events and school projects for children and adults. Click below for more details or contact us.            

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Our New Educational Program!

Kimono Lecture  




Japanese Dance Performance

Join us as a

Dance performer!

Japanese  Dance  Performance Lecture


Lecture about Kimono

( Lectures in Japanese only)

Kimono Modeling Workshop

Kimono Wearing Workshop

Next session is:

 7 - 10pm on June 5th (Fri), 2015   

Next sessions are:

 September 29 and 30th , 2015

The last session of the program was

March 13, 2015.  We will notice the information of the next JPA kimono lecture once the program period is determined.  

Lecture and Workshops

Join us as a

Kimono model !

JPA Kimono Show

Kimono Show at BBG

JPA kimono show is an informative cultural entertainment

きもの レンタル 日本語のページへどうぞ For those who do not  speak  and read Japanese,  please wait until we are ready  for all the rules and procedures are written in English.

PanoramAsian Dance Project

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Kimono Show CONTACT

Iwami and Geihoku Kagura Preservation Society

Please contact us if you are interested in joining  JPA Kagura group!

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