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JPA Kimono Show !

JPA Kimono Show not only displays beautiful Kimono variations, but also explains the details of artistic background and craftsmanship.

Kimono show Activities

Lecture for Children

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Traditional Japanese Dance

Join us as a Performer !

Our dance performances are based on the Traditional Japanese dance.

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Traditional Japanese Dance Kimono Modeling Workshop

Join us as a Kimono model !

Models are specifically for JPA

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Kimono Modeling Workshop Lectures

Lecture at Schools !

We visit schools and give lectures on kimono culture and Japanese traditional performing arts.  Please contact us if you are interested in having us in your class room!  

PanoramAsian Dance Project

This is our unique theatrical dance performance along with our original story connecting five Asian countries by the Silk Road and each country's traditional dance. The performance was at the United Nations and Pace University in 2008.


Kagura masks in NY ニューヨークのタイムズスクエアで神楽の面の撮影 #kagura #mask#orochi #ny #timessquare #japan #traditional #art #performance #dance #神楽 #面 #ニューヨーク #タイムズスクエア #ダンス #大蛇

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Participating  as  a performer  

Traditional and Ceremonial performances throughout Japan

Passion and Dedication for Heritage Preservation
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Cultural Repertoires


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